We subscribe to ethical business practices in every facet of our business. This principle governs our dealings with customers, with vendors, with all members of the public at large, and with one another. We will protect the interests of our stakeholders.

We will do nothing to jeopardise the faith placed in us by all of our stakeholders. We will act in their best interests at all times. We recognise and respect the trust they have placed in us. We will provide quality, service and value to our customers in all dealings.

We will strive to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We will be responsive to our customers and their needs. We will keep the customer at the forefront of all that we are and everything that we do.


We ensure that all products come labelled with their Country of Origin to assist in providing as much information to you where the garment has come from. No unethical or unlawful activity is involved in the process of our production.


All Possible efforts have been taken to ensure that the conditions of manufacture and production have limited impact on the environment.


We have worked towards ensuring that the packaging and presentation of our goods use as much recycled content as possible to reduce excess wastage and decrease the products carbon footprint.


To reduce effects on the environment, we continually work towards shipping our goods using the best possible methods that limit any environmental impact. CAG aims to be an Eco-friendly company, working to reduce carbon footprint on the environment.


CAG is firm in its resolve to do business only with those manufacturers and suppliers that share the company's commitment to fair labour practices, including adherence to laws that protect workers and their salaries, both in australia and abroad.

As a condition of doing business with CAG, it is required that manufacturers comply with all laws applicable to the country in which the merchandise is manufactured, including but not limited to laws against child or forced labour and unsafe working conditions.

Through the establishment of these policies CAG believes it is most effectively exercising its economic leverage with manufacturers to encourage their full compliance with laws designed to protect their workers; manufacturers who violate these laws know the consequences of their actions. In addition to its commitment to fully enforce its policies with manufacturers, CAG is committed to cooperating with state and federal agencies who ultimately are responsible for enforcing these laws.


  1. We will obey all laws
    This includes the spirit of the law, as well as its letter. We will not tolerate or knowingly condone illegal activities on the part of those who work for us, or with whom we do business. Neither will we, as a company, knowingly engage in any such activities. 
  2. We will treat others as we want them to treat us
    We will be honest, reliable and ethical in our dealings with others. We will be trustworthy, so that our word is effectively our bond. We will not solicit favours. We will not accept or offer bribes.
  3. We will respect the rights and property of others
    We will not cheat, steal, participate in or condone fraud or deceptive practices. We will not improperly use confidential information or property owned by others. We will not knowingly misrepresent ourselves or our intentions in any business dealings. We will protect the privacy rights of our associates, and we will insist that they do likewise.
  4. We will be good corporate citizens
    We will take an active part in the communities where we live and work. We recognise our obligations to give back to those communities that have sustained us over the years, and we will act on that recognition. We will encourage all CAG associates to do likewise